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These are just a few of the genuine comments from people who have seen us play, not just friends and family who are usually being kind! We thank each and every one of you from the bottom our hearts!!!, sorry we could not put them all on.

The first comment is from the manager of the pub where we did our first live rehearsal!!

"Cheers for playing guys
You were awesome
Hallowed Be Thy Name made my night

The Ball, Crookes ( 7622 )

"only thing is guys after your gig at the Ball last night my ears wont stop ringing and Ive got a permanent grin on my face Ha Ha !"

"Wow Fucking Wow ! what a fantastic rock band these have to be the BEST musicians on the local rock scene and an epic vocalist !"

"A maze in !!!!!!!"

"You did the business bud , I really enjoyed it last night and he band is great . I must get to see you again . Keep it up , Awesome ."

"It was brilliant!! Well worth the wait! Sorry couldn't stay longer! x"

"What an absolutely fantastic night at thr Ball, Crookes. you rocked it! Well done!xxxx"

"Bloody brilliant. Thank you soooo much xxxx"

"just to let you all know... They knocked us dead and blew us all away! xxxxx"

"You sure RnFR ! Fantastic !"

"the best rock covers band I have seen in years, if that was a rehearsal bring it on !!!!!!!!"

"Nice one pal, well done .b-) my ears are still bleeding";)

"My ears are still f.....g ringing! Really enjoyed it x"

Comments from our first gig at Hoyland Common WMC

"RnFR are best Local rock band I've heard since Bitter Suite in 70s! Great feel good interaction with audience can't wait to see you at a big gig"

"Fabulous night, singer as an amazing voice xx"

"Was a good night. Well done to one and all"

"Yeah Man.. Brilliant Vid that earlier... proud of you all pal..."

"you were brilliant"

"Well done Timmy, Trevor, Utah Jay and the rest of RnFR for rockin' evening. And you certainly didn't take the path of least resistance with the set list! Nice one."

"Brilliant night at common club with RNFR great band my Tinnitus is well topped up now for this month"

"R 'n' F R last night at Hoyland common club.... Fantastic band!!!!"

"Absolute Brilliance.. Well done"

"RnFR all nite n party every day, great gig last nite Timmy , Trevor, n the rest of the band , see yer darn wombwell"

"Still buzzin Mr W???? Not surprised mate, brilliant gig last night, top class!!!!!!"

"Tonight was spot on"

"RNFR loud and proud"

"Had a brilliant night was very impressed cant wait for nxt one X"

"Well done to you all. Great night .Deffo recommend your Band as one to watch xx"

"Amazing night, don't worry about any issues, cos I didn't hear any"

"Great night. The first night of your 'World Domination' Tour!"

"Seriously people. If these guys are ever in your area, and you like old school rock (loud) give my mate Jay a listen. They are probably the best live turn I've seen in ages."

"loved every minute and every track you played best night ever thanku"